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SanktaMariaStockholm has moved to Hornstull. Come and visit us there! (Pictures will come shortly. But it IS lovely! Trust me on that.)

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Sankta Maria aims to be a meeting point, but a somewhat different meeting point between art and people through thoughts, ideas and their realization. Here artists and other guests investigate the many aspects and possibilities of what it is that makes a house a home. How and when this happens. In a workshop, by making things and food together, in a talk, a discussion… And by living together, sharing the space and dealing with the everyday together.

Professional artists contribute to this ongoing investigation either by making an intervention, holding a workshop or hosting live-in guests with a curiousity for art. The live-in guests will contribute their presence and interest but also be welcome to donate their time and join in in that which makesthe things happen. There will also be events of other kinds; literary, musical, culinary…

All ment to enhance the spirit of sharing, of listening to and learning from eachother.

Our first event was a HomeParty with Gudrun Schyman which took place on april 26th. She came back on may 20th for a larger version, on the terrace. These events helped put F! in the European Parliament. Something we are incredibly proud of!!!

We aim to do more good-fun stuff soon. It will be posted here as soon as our plans are more concrete. But do mail us if you get impatient!

The first intervention and starting point/back drop for the investigation is the red colour of the living room. It is inspired by Swedish author August Strindberg’s novel The Red Room (Röda Rummet, 1879) and its main character who strives for freedom and truth, putting all else, inclusive monetary gain on a far lower level of importance. In this spirit this room is currently getting an installation/wall-painting where Modesty Blaise meets Barbie…läshörnaThe intention is that this contemporary, decidedly feminist Red Room of today will act as an inspiration and passionate meetingpoint for change and exchange; in and between people, art and society. With a strong focus on ethics and sustainability combined with good -vegetarian and vegan- food and lots of fun and laughter.

The apartment is ‘funkis’, the house was built ’39 and the interior is still very close to the original state. The apartment is in total 72 m2; it consists of 3 rooms, 1 bathroom, a separate toilet and a kitchen. All with lots of original detailing and large windows, all executed in high-quality natural materials; sandstone/oak parquet/ floors solid wooden doors, sandstone windowsills…balkong_sa maria_kvadrat_nära

A semi-round balcony and an open fireplace (plugged unfortunately) are other features.
The house also holds 2 communal terasses, one of which is on the rooftop and has an amazing view overlooking the whole city.

Since Sankta Maria wants to be sustainable and welcoming all furniture, cutlery and crockery is either second hand or self-made.

Welcome to St:a Maria!!!floorplan_St_Paul

To stay:

first and foremost; – you are always welcome!

How we accommodate you will however depend on the circumstances, who´s at home, if there is an artist in residence, if the full apARTment is available…
You can let me know how many you are and when you would like to visit. Or  you could tell me which arrangement you prefer and I will let you know when that is possible.

Do not hesitate to ask -if it can be done it will be done!

Looking forward to hear from you!

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Amsterdam : Westerpark

This apartment of 55 m2, divided over two floors is the home of an artist who works mainly with installations and contextual projects, 2 of which are currently on-going in situ: a light-installation with porcelain, textile and led-lights as well as an urban gardening project.

The apartment is situated in Amsterdam Westerpark, in a house built 1902 and consists of livingroom, kitchen and a bathroom on the 3rd floor and a bedroom in the fourth/attic level of the house. It also has two balconies, one on the front of the house and one, larger on the back of the house.

The place is very light due to windows facing both front and back(N/S) and has a warm and pleasant atmosphere with wooden floors and lots of textile. The interior is a mix of old, inherited furniture, such as the dining table and chairs made by the artists great grandmothers father at the occasion of her marriage 1914 as well as the cinema chairs originating from Biografteatern Fågel Blå in Stockholm. The childhood cinema of Ingmar Bergman which he frequently visited up until its closure in 1999. Whilst the guest bed comes from IKEA and the upstairs bed is custom built at site.

It is all blended with art from this and fellow artists as well as old filmposters from favourite movies. In the livingroom is also a small wood stove from the 20´s, bought at the Waterloo Plein flea market, where a fire can be lit in the evening.

Comprehensible, easily operated central heating system with plenty of very hot water. 50MB wireless internet. Vintage B&O stereo system with classical turntable for vinyl, as well as a collection of records to go with it. It provides an excellent sound. Also any modern device for MP3 can effortlessly be plugged in. A CD player is present, as well as the connection cord for external device.

Freezer/fridge/watercooker/an excellent juicer/herbs and greens
Washing Machine, a collection of vintage and modern board games and plenty of books, good and less good are also present and for use.
Depending on the season: umbrellas/hairdryer/shoeshine equipment…u name it ;) . It is after all a fully functioning and well equipped home…

Available when the owner/inhabitant is travelling/working away from home.
Maximum 3 guests at a time. Upstairs sleeps 2, if in one bed. Futon matress.
In the livingroom is a bed which sleeps one. 90 wide.

… and now to what sets us apART (yes, thats the art)!

Light installation:
This installation plays with the idea of enlightment as a manifestation in nature. With porcelain, textile and light. The intention is to provide for a very peaceful, relaxing athmosphere.

Urban Gardening
A work in –constant- progress, as all will keep growing and deteriorating alternately. It connects to the light- installation through being the material side of the the same idea. Throughout the year herbs, rare leaf vegetables of high nutritional value, salads and some other edible plants are grown. It is done with a window farm, upside down pots hanging from the ceiling as well as in ordinary pots and on the balconies. It also involves a worm-compost. All to be cared for, learned about and from as well as harvested and enjoyed also by guests; in the amount the guest in question is comfortable with.

the compost
maybe the most important ingredient for the sustainable urban dwelling.
And great pets as well ;)…
We work with Eisenia Foetida, the prettiest! -it is a stripy italian compost worm, famous for its fast reproduction and great soil production rate.

Soon we will also have bees on the roof!
They are currently holidaying (working away!) in westAmsterdam. There they will stay until the roof is ready for them..

busbi_liten fil

to book
flexible check-in/out’s, just let us know what you prefer.

We hope to hear from you soon…

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