The apARTment project is an experiment with which we want to make the experience of the private collector accessible to more, to let the art bring income without being sold; to act as a quality, not as a commodity. Its aim is to bring more intimacy and privacy to the relationship between the art and its audience; because sometimes things are better seen trough the corner of the eye, because some relationships take time to mature, because some things deserve the opportunity to grow on you…and because ownership is not the only answer.

The apARTment project connects visitors with professional artists; for you to spend time with art and with artists; in artist´s homes, in art-installations, artist-in-residencies, artists initiatives…as well as visits to exhibitions, happenings, film-screenings in exhibitions, talks held in exhibitions, dinners inside/alongside exhibitions…all that can take place in the home or the studio of an artist.

With this site we mediate short term stays and bookings of things like a tour given by an artist, a dinner held in an exhibition, a workshop directly with an artist, a happening, a lecture, a film-screening. As long as it is artist-run and we find it interesting you will find it here.

The apARTment project is an artist initiative; by artists, with artists for artists. Together with and for all who like and like to enjoy and support the arts also in an environment outside the institutions and commercial spaces. Our goal is to make more room for art & artists by creating a new arena.

Hereby we hope to broaden the reach & scope of art as well as increase its interaction with the public and thereby their appreciation for and understanding of contemporary art.