Sankta Maria : in exile : Hornstull Stockholm

                                    Currently showing : Henrika Lax  

                 opening october 10 @ 14.00 : Varvsgatan 31 : all are welcome!                                                                                                                                                           

preview possible                                     -for those who book a stay.IMG_0224

Sankta Maria aims to be a meeting point -a somewhat different meeting point – between art and people through thoughts, ideas and their realization. Here artists and other guests research and investigate the many aspects and possibilities of what it is that makes a house a home. How and when this happens. In a workshop, by making things and food together, in a talk, a discussion… And by living together, sharing the space and dealing with the everyday together.


Professional artists contribute to this ongoing investigation either by making an intervention, holding a workshop or hosting live-in guests with a curiousity for art. The live-in guests will contribute their presence and interest but also be welcome to donate their time and join in in that which makes the things happen. There will also be events of other kinds; literary, musical, culinary…All ment to enhance the spirit of sharing, of listening to          and learning from eachother.IMG_0218IMG_0211IMG_0213

Our next Artist in Residence is Sahar Al-Khateeb, a young Palestinian artist working  mostly with large-scale installations on the relationship between society and the individual. sahar_kalmar_prideShe will be staying here in december and make an intervention combining her theme and IMG_0297our concept. By end december, maybe on New Years Eve? we will have a public opening to show you the resulting works.

Also -you can already book to stay here with the exhibition. The current one by Henrika Lax, hangs already and has its opening on october 10 @ 2 o´clock. Welcome!

m on sofa

Send us a message if you would like to book a room! Currently there is availability between november 7-14 and from mid january onwards. Then with the new exhibit by Sahar Al-Khateeb.


Looking forward to hear from you!

photographs from sankta maria : malin gezelius