the apARTment project exists to increase the interaction and exchange between art and its audience. We do this by adding a new arena, a meeting place with the aim to make the experience of the private collector accessible to more.

Because we want art to act as a quality and not as a commodity. Because we desire to empower the artist and artist community. Because we believe a mutual exchange will act as seeds for change, for interesting, unforeseeable things to come…

To make this happen we mediate short term rentals for you to spend time with art and with artists; in artist´s homes, in art-installations, artist-in-residencies, artists initiatives…


We have more apARTments! In Amsterdam. Loveliest city of them all :)!
And coolest artists houses as well?!

Tomorrow…I´ll show you the 2 new ones…


Sankta Maria : Stockholm : Sweden

moved on – again! – now on top of Tantolunden, by Hornstull.  HUGE (133m2 (!) -we never had it so big…;)…
Yes, it is also sunnier, has more view, is very pretty indeed. It is on the top floor, has 2 balconies, an open fireplace, even a whole room just for the worms ;)..

I now call it ‘the corruptive apARTment’ … because why go out when it´s SO great to stay in?utsikt_theapARTmentproject

Also here we show paintings by Henrika Lax []

These she took home with her. But there are more…
Come and see!
henrikas i köket
And…from december we had our first AiR: Sahar Al-Khateeb:
sahar_kalmar_prideShe makes installations on the theme of the individuals relationship with society. She has produced an installation specially for us here: 
small peak: olive in dragon
Now we have a break from exhibitions. A film-nite is under way. Mid-may…
Keep an eye out! We advertise it on FB when ready.
For the rest, now the jungle is growing … and we are growing ideas…
Keep an eye open…it will come soon!
busbi_liten fil

 REminder : ÅLAND!!! And not only that; A ‘Skippers Mansion´ which has been lovingly restored for more than 20 years by painter Henrika and her husband Hasse. Amazingly beautiful it is :

huset_översiktAnd now … – lets go inside :

hallen there is a story, an amazing story, about those awesome windows…

we are waiting for Henrika to tell us more…

In the mean time. A peek into the kitchen:

(and what a kitchen!)


busbi_liten fil

Our second latest apARTment :

The Hague : Secret Location

This apartment of 100 m2, divided over two floors is the home of a 26 old Dutch filmmaker. It’s location is a secret, but we can say … that it is a very special and historical place next to a park, by forest and dunes… and that it is still available for most days of summer!

still life_bambi

busbi_liten fil


Amsterdam, Westerpark

& here; some of our other darlings… coming Soon!!!

 Natalia’s shack by the sea : in rural Ecuador,  Classic Artists Villa : Cumbaya : Ecuador, and…Åland Islands(?)!! … Finland mainland…